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Hey, Doughrk!

Welcome to your new favorite bakery!

You know that feeling you get when your taste buds are happy? That’s what happens to every person who eats a treat by Cookie Doughrk Bakery. I am a home based, cottage food baker in San Tan Valley, AZ specializing in deliciously decorated cookies. My cookies are made with quality ingredients, decorated with an attentive eye, and filled with love! 

Hungry yet? Whether you're wishing someone happy birthday, welcoming a new baby, or just need a sweet treat, I can help you make it the BEST DAY EVER with an order from Cookie Doughrk Bakery!

Let me BAKE you happy today!

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Blippie Firetruck

Selena is an amazing cookie artist! With very minimal direction, she created the perfect cookies for my son's second birthday party which was Blippi firetruck themed. I couldn't even have imagined the cookies she created and that's why it's best to look to a professional for these special touches! The cookies were creative, neat, professional, and delicious! Thank you again Selena for providing an extra special touch for my son's party. I am looking forward to the next batch!

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